I march because the hatred of women and girls, and their continued oppression baffles and terrifies me.

I march because the GOP despises women like me.

I march because the easiest way to dominate and enslave women is to use our own biology against us. Because I will always believe that women have right and autonomy over our own bodies. Because there are women in this country who are being forced to co-parent with their rapists. Because if I were ever forced to carry a pregnancy to term, I would literally do anything to terminate that pregnancy, whether such actions were legal or not, even if it meant terminating my own life.

I march because I didn’t “lose” my virginity. It was ripped from me and I would rather have died than have that asshole’s baby when I was still a child myself, and I felt lucky when all the blood came and I knew I wouldn’t have to find a way to get an abortion behind my parents’ back.

I march because even if YOU are against abortion, there is no such thing as a world without it. Abortion will NEVER EVER EVER NOT EXIST. Such a notion is naïve and stupid. People may end safe abortion, they may end legal abortion. But they will never eliminate abortion. Because there will always be women like me who would rather die than have a baby.

I march because not wanting a baby doesn’t mean that I or any other woman should not have sex at any point in our lives. Such a concept is archaic, puritanical misogyny. Not to mention profoundly unrealistic. If you believe a woman should not have sex if she doesn’t want a baby, all I can say is: Grow the fuck up.

I march because we are still operating under the absurd notion that birth control, and easy, affordable access to it, is a women’s issue. It is a HUMAN issue. Women do not get pregnant all alone in a slut vacuum. Men get women pregnant.

I march because I wish my tax dollars could go to comprehensive sex education and birth control for all genders instead of more pointless wars.

I march because embryos are more important than women and children in this world.

I march because there is no such thing as a “slut” – that is a term people are still using to dominate women and police their sexuality.

I march because there are lawmakers whose number one goal is punishing women. Women are punished for their sexuality, their biology, for abortions, for miscarriages and for their own rapes. I march because men who rape and kill women can serve less time than men who sell a bag of weed.

I march because even though I will soon be a woman past childbearing age, there are many young women and girls who are still vulnerable to the threat of unwanted pregnancy.

I march because I’m not sure if I’ve endured all the sexual assaults I will have to, or if there are still more to come.

I march because there are so many women who can’t.